“I’ve been a client of Laurence Blau’s for over 15 years. In that time, Mr. Blau has proven himself repeatedly to be both extremely smart about how to best handle various legal issues that have arisen, but also completely transparent and forthright in his dealings with me and my staff. I trust Larry’s guidance implicitly, and as an entrepreneur, that’s a great asset to have.”

– Dean Clough

“Laurence Blau was the professor who taught ‘Wills, Trusts and Probate’ while I was a student at City College of San Francisco. I was impressed both by his knowledge of the subject and his ability to explain it in terms we, his students, could easily understand. He also approached estate planning with the attitude that one size does not fit all. He recognized that, although most people need to deal with the same issues, (that may need a will, and advanced health care directive, and perhaps a durable power of attorney and living trust,) each person’s needs and situation are unique.

He understood that he cannot make decisions for his clients. Anytime I face a situation that is outside my area of expertise and need a professional or specialist, whether it is an attorney, a doctor, or a mechanic for my car, I look for those two traits; the understanding that I must make the decisions, and the ability to explain my options in terms I understand so that my decision can be intelligent and informed.”

– Carl Irons

“Laurence Blau is, simply put, a pleasure to work with. He’s extraordinarily knowledgeable, trustworthy, thorough and patient.

When my wife and I needed to create a will and trust for our growing family, Laurence walked us through the process step by step, helping us to thoughtfully address the sometimes sensitive questions required to complete the documents. His advice was clear and considerate. And, when we needed to reach him to ask a question or clarify a point, Laurence always was responsive.

Over the years, we have recommended Laurence to a number of our friends and colleagues who all have had similar positive experiences. Laurence is a true professional and someone I trust completely to handle any estate planning issue, big or small.”


– Paul Cohen


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